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On GlobalRecom searches for real estate from investors worldwide get matched with discrete listings. As photos, addresses or owner details are not published and the platform users are initially anonymous off-market real estate can efficiently be advertised and found.

GlobalRecom offers a network for professional real estate investments. All asset classes are traded: business, retail, hotel and leisure, office, living, hall and industry, plots and project parts.



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B2B platform

b2b GlobalRecom is used exclusively by real estate professionals - for simple and efficient transactions. Every user of GlobalRecom was personally approved by us.

Exclusive market

diamond GlobalRecom is the only platform for off-market real estate. Here you can find and offer properties, which are not traded on the public market, and the best of all: You decide when you want to share your contact details.

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cost Besides the license fee there is no additional fee. GlobalRecom does not charge additional provisions.

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Katharina Herrmann

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Dominik Schaetz

Dominik Schaetz

Owner and Managing Director

+41 79 51 44 244

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