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GlobalRecom FAQs

1. What is GlobalRecom about?

GlobalRecom is the europe wide online B2B real estate market place. Instead of searching for hours and filtering as on common platforms you just put in your listings and search profiles and our system will show you fitting entries. Who is searching what is not public. For that even off market real estate can be put on the market. You decide when you want to show your contact details. Beyond that you can hide users and build up your individual network of real estate professionals.

2. Who is using GlobalRecom?

GlobalRecom is used exclusively by real estate professionals (realtors, investors, owners, expansion planners, communal business developers). Every user who registers has to get approved by us before being able to use GlobalRecom. If you're interested to know who is using GlobalRecom, you can find a selection of users on the page "clients".

3. Can other GlobalRecom users access my clients and properties?

No. GlobalRecom protects your interests as real estate professional. No information which would allow to identify your clients or properties will be accessible by other users.

4. How do I find the fitting search profiles for my real estate? How do I find the fitting real estate for my search profiles?

Enter a search profile or listing. Your entry will be matched with the entries in our database and you will see only proposals that fit your entry. When new entries appear, you will get automatically a notification.

5. I’ve received match proposals for my real estate / search profiles from GlobalRecom. What’s happening now?

Easily compare your entry with the proposals. When you react to a proposal the other user receives a message with your contact details. If he agrees to your request – you have a match. Now both can see the contact details of the other user. They can contact each other, exchange further information and materials to successfully close a deal.

6. What happens after my free trial month?

You can use GlobalRecom with all its functions for one month free of cost. After your free trial month you can buy a license to continue to use GlobalRecom. If you do not buy a license your account gets deleted - no automatic renewal of your account. Of course you can buy a license any time within your free trial month if you wish so.