Real Estate Asset Matching

GlobalRecom is the tool to match client searches and properties for Real Estate Business. It allows you to expand your assets of client searches and properties with the assets of the GlobalRecom users in your license area. The integrated matching function ensures that the user gets shown only fitting entries for their client searches and properties.

GlobalRecom is used exclusively by Real Estate Professionals. Every user which registers for the use of GlobalRecom has to be approved.

No. GlobalRecom protects your interests as Immo Professional. The software doesn’t show any information which would allow to identify your clients or properties.

After entering a clients search or a real estate into GlobalRecom the database in the background looks up the fitting real estate and client searches of all the other registered immo professionals using GlobalRecom. Do important criteria (like location, size, price, etc.) match between the searching client and the real estate, both realtors receive a match proposal – incl. a matching grade in percent.

Both realtors can now compare the main criteria of the client search with the property. If you think the proposal is valuable, you send a match request to the other realtor. The other realtor receives a message about your request. If he agrees to your request – you have a match. Now both realtors can see the contact details of the other realtor and can get into business.

You can use the Software for one month free of cost in one license area (in Germany the license areas correspond with little exceptions to the “Bundesländer”). Your entries get matched against all entries of all other users in the chosen license area and you can contact the other realtors in case of a match. After your free trial month you can buy a license to continue to use GlobalRecom. If you do not buy a license your account gets deleted and you can not access GlobalRecom any more. There is no automatic prolongation of your account if you don’t buy a license. Of course you can buy a license any time within your free trial month if you wish so.